Divine Harmony: Three Beauty Pillars from L’Ccitane

L’OCcitane experts have created a series of anti -aging Care “Divine Harmony”. Based on these surveys of regular customers, as well as on research results involving more than 200 women around the world, they have chosen the most effective components for the skin.

The condition of the face depends on the totality of visible and invisible factors, this is a harmonious combination of external and internal beauty. Funds provide three -stage comprehensive care. L’OCCITAN laboratory and experts in the field of dermatology investigated how aging affects the appearance of the face as a whole. What conclusion did they come to? The harmony of the face is the result of three inextricably linked elements:

  • Harmony of texture and skin tone
  • Inner harmony
  • Harmony of skin contours

Women want to know absolutely everything about this tool: On the quality and origin of the components, about the methods of harvesting and the people who are engaged in it, as well as the benefits of these components for the skin. In addition, great importance is attached to the design and environmental friendliness of the packaging, as well as the texture and aroma of the means.

An effective skin care product that provides obvious results is not all. Women need something more – harmony. They want to be in harmony not only with the outside world, but also with their age, lifestyle and feelings. They want harmony between how they feel from the inside, and what they see in the mirror.

In an attempt to combine all these elements And to give modern women to the serene, harmonious beauty we used the power of two natural ingredients with the most amazing properties – a flower that never fits, and red algae, capable of endless regeneration. Their extracts have a similar effect on the skin. L’OCCITANE has applied for a patent for a complex of these ingredients – already the sixth patent for Immortel in the field of anti -aging care in France.

Where the sea and earth are found, eternal beauty is born

The immortel flower and the algae Jany Rubens (Jania Rubens) – a real miracle of photosynthesis. These two plants have the same property: they are able to transform the light and heat of the sun into organic matter. This wild flower and red algae live on Corsica – the “beauty island” – in a special ecosystem that helps to increase the concentration of their precious molecules. Eating light on the territory of pure protected waters of the rings of Revellat, Jni Rubens grows slowly, but continuously.

Immomel – a flower that never fits – grows on the ground, staining the Corsican Makquis in golden shades of the sun. We will tell you more about these unique components of our new creams.

Algae capable of endless regeneration

In the bay of Revellata you can find unusual algae, growing slowly, but continuously. This is Jany Rubens Algae. She grows magnificently in the waters of the Kalvi bay rich in minerals, where there is everything that this unique plant needs: the abundance of sunlight and the sea environment, protected from pollution and raging waves of the open sea. Clean, calm water surface is not touched even with light ripples.

Rare, natural active ingredient obtained from algae, returns to the face the volume of its soft tissues and pulls up the contours. To preserve this algae, L’ Occitane has developed an innovative environmentally friendly program for breeding this type in controlled conditions.

First, specialists of the Stareso Center (cooperating with L’OCCITANE Research Center, created to protect the biological diversity of the underwater world of Corsica) took only one sample of algae from the loud of Revellat. Based on this sample in laboratory conditions, the cultivation of algae in the aquarium reproducing the unique conditions of its natural environment began. This made it possible to launch the regeneration process for the production of new algae and obtaining a rare, completely natural active extract.

In the means of the “Divine Harmony” series, the rare algae extract Jinia Rubens was first used in combination with essential oil of the Corsican immortel. With a complex effect, the powerful ability to regenerate inherent in these components is increasing even more. Although one of these plants grows on Makquis, and the other is washed by the pure waters of the rings of Revellat, they are united by one common feature: an incredible ability to resist the influence of time.

A flower that never fits

Immorter in abundance grows in two special regions On the territory of Corsica: the farm of Antoine Pierre on the eastern plain and farm Katherine Sansi in the “desert” Agriat. Both farmers own the art of traditional harvesting using a sickle: this method requires great patience, but allows colors to achieve the perfect degree of maturity. There is no point in trying to accelerate the flowering of this noble plant, since only mature flowers have


a powerful anti -aging effect.

Corsican immortel has a unique unsurpassed anti -aging effect. Farmers do not interfere in the natural rhythm of the ripening of the flower: sometimes on harvesting from two sections of the Earth, planted by an Immornel for the means of the “Divine Harmony” series, it takes several weeks, or even more. This is a rare component.

The crop is less than 10% of the total number of immortal grown on Corsica under the leadership of L’OCCITANE, which monitors the rational use of natural resources. This is an organic essential oil, the origin of which is easy to track – today one of the most concentrated (the average content of non -yarnetate is 30%) and has a unique anti -aging effect.

Since 2004 (three years after the application for the first patent for the Immortel series), L’OCCITANE has been cooperating with several Corsican farmers, implementing the cultivation program for this wild flower. This is the only way to ensure the constant supplies of the immortel essential oil without harm to its natural habitat. Due to the low output of the product for the production of only two liters of precious essential oil, it takes from 700 kg to a ton of flowers.

The results of the use of “Divine Harmony”

Women who used the “Divine Harmony” serum and the Divine Harmony cream for two months have confirmed the following improvements:

  • 84% is a healthier complexion
  • 74% – soft tissues of the face are more voluminous and elastic
  • 98% – a pleasant feeling of harmony after applying
  • 79% – deep wrinkles seem less pronounced
  • 92% – skin texture is more even
  • 77% – the contours of the face are more clear

“We wanted a new approach to anti -aging skin care to take root in the field of dermatology. Therefore, we relied not only on the results of cosmetogenomy research, but also on information about how women perceive their face, as well as knowledge of our dermatologists. We have developed a unique scale for determining the index of the harmony of the face. This index evaluates three fundamental and equally important criteria. He demonstrates the results of the use of the product two months, taking into account not only criteria such as wrinkles and skin tone, but also the volume of soft tissues and overall well -being. This is a new way to evaluate the effectiveness of our tools, which allows us to take into account what women see and how they feel, ” – Benedictelebris, Department of Research and Development of L’Ccitane

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